What Is The Most Accurate Bible?

Not all Bibles are based upon the same Hebrew, Aramaic, and Greek texts; so what is the most accurate Bible and why? After thousands of hours of research and over 700 references we have an answer and strong evidence to support it!

Four options to obtain well-referenced evidence answering What Is The Most Accurate Bible and why:
Option 1: Download the free evidence from The Torchbearer Series.
Option 2: Watch Session 1, 2, and 3 of The Torchbearer Series through either YouTube | BitChute | Brighteon | Archive.
Option 3: Obtain the full-color ebook or paperback versions called "The Torchbearer Series (3 book series)".
Option 4: Attend the three formal B501 certificate courses at Udemy.

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Additional Information:
In the free audio-video lecture series and accompanying free supplemental lecture notes, we will cover how to determine what is the most accurate Bible and why. Most assume that all Bibles are based upon the same Hebrew and Greek manuscripts, but this is far from true. Most would tell you that all Bibles are generally the same and that which Bible you choose doesn't matter, but that is not the case. To copyright a new Bible, there must be a certain percentage of changes made, or a copyright will not be issued. As such, there are typically thousands of words that are changed in modern Bibles, and they have not all been changed for the sake of clarity. Would it shock you to learn that most modern Bibles use different ancient Hebrew and Greek texts to retranslate and create modern Bibles today? Even more surprising is that a world-renowned master forger confessed to creating a manuscript that is included with other manuscripts to translate nearly all modern Bibles after 1881. The manuscript in question was never tested to confirm its authenticity, which was against normal protocol. Yet this is just part of the story. The Torchbearer Series covers many more topics than this and seeks to equip you in all of the core Christian information that is critical to understanding how to accurately study the word of God. Please see TheTorchbearerSeries.com for additional details, as well as additional free downloads including Page Briefings, charts, diagrams, and even possible college credits for completing the audio-video lectures.

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